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Our Story

Real Estate Concepts was founded in 2015 after two realtors in different areas of real estate combined forcers under the same vision. Alex Medina and Brendan Larson, who have known each other for years and shared similar goals and passion for real estate, began on similar real estate paths. Both bought their first respective distressed properties in 2010, fixing it up themselves and renting the properties until selling in 2016. It was during this period in 2013 when Brendan, former graphic designer, and Alex, general contractor, each received their real estate licenses.

It wouldn’t be until nearly three years later until the two would join forces. Alex went head-on into construction, partnering with a fellow investor to run investment rehabs. Over those three years, he learned a lot about the industry, processes, and what it takes to succeed. Brendan, on the other hand, spent the next three years hustling in the competitive markets of realtors. He worked endlessly to make sure his clients had superior service and successful home or investment transactions. While Brendan’s real estate business grew, so did the opportunity to help more families.

Always looking for growth, Alex and Brendan teamed up in 2015 to create Real Estate Concepts. Their belief is together, they can offer more solutions, education, and quality to every client with our combined skills and knowledge. They have been carving their path in the real estate market ever since, completing many residential redevelopments as well as helping clients accomplish their real estate goals. They continuously look for ways to grow their company’s quality and services, and in 2017, they took their company a step further with Brendan receiving his real estate brokers license.

Our Mission and Vision

We at Real Estate Concepts work under our mission to provide the absolute highest level of service through education clients, building honest relationships, and sharing our passion for real estate. Our five core values drive our actions daily to achieve the company’s goals.


Our vision is to be a leading full-service real estate solutions company that is dedicated to helping people and communities in which we live and work. We dedicate the success of this company to a fantastic team of professionals who share similar values. We are committed to creating a positive, growth-oriented environment with an emphasis on our community’s achievements, personal development, and education.

Our Team

Brendan Larson

Brendan is a visionary who is passionate about finding opportunities and solving core problems in the real estate industry. He got his start in real estate in 2010 when he bought a distressed property and completely renovated it himself, learning along the way the processes, products and details it takes to successfully revitalize a property.

Brendan’s work ethic and knack for creative solutions were instilled in him at a young age. Prior to starting Real Estate Concepts, he had his own real estate company for three years. He also previously worked as a graphic designer at a large, corporate branding company. He transformed his design procedures and expertise to benefit his career in real estate.

Brendan is always eager to learn new aspects of this industry and is continuously on the lookout for opportunities where he can continually challenge himself and those he works with ethically, educationally and creatively. In his spare time, Brendan enjoys spending time in his hometown in Northern Minnesota on Leech Lake, being with friends and family, and staying active in sports, education and projects.

Alex Medina

Alex heads the construction on all our properties. He is well versed in both real estate and construction, holding his real estate license and general contractors license.

Alex went to school in Alexandria  for construction estimating. Over that past eight years, he held his contractors license and has been learning the construction industry. Four years ago, he got into the real estate investment game when he partnered up with a friend to create Top Quality Homes. Alex has renovated more than 80 properties, some of which were for other large investors around the Twin Cities metro. Although construction still has its challenges, he has learned vital information to succeed in this industry. His best quality is his knack to problem solve and find solutions for issues that arise.

Outside of Real Estate Concepts, Alex enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Alex enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and step son, along with taking on large projects and golfing.